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Wed, 2016-09-07 08:42

I spoke to CIPL Director, Prof. Ogara before Depature

My name is Makorre Wilson and this is my student exchange programme experience at the University of Hradec kralove in the Czech Republic.

My journey begun on 17th, Feb 2016, I had a lot of expectations being that I was travelling from Africa (Kenya) to Czech Republic in Europe to study at the University of Hradec Kralove at the Philosophical faculty.

On arrival at the airport, I did not have much doubt of getting lost despite being my first day there, reason! I thought you should know, the University had all the plans to give me the best reception ever! And for sure, I still consider it the best. As a new student, you will always be assigned a buddy who will come to pick you at the airport and take you to the dormitories and keep checking on you always. Never worry about the language for the buddy will be there for you and they speak good English.

When I arrived at the student hostels, it was sincerely a new environment for me. First I thought it was a private rental house but the contrary was the reality. It had all the structures that made me feel the Europe I had in perceptions. The room was spacious, good kitchen with modern cooking machine, fridge, 24hr Wi-Fi, stable electricity, showers and all that give you the comforts in the room.


The University of Hradec Kralove has a condusive learning enviroment specially for foreign students

Having been born in a country that I have never experienced winter, I thought I will suffer a lot in the room but my first day there removed all the worries. The room was fitted in a way that I could regulate the heat which was comfortable for me. The room payment was cheap with better services compared to other European countries that I visited where I had to cope with much expense.

To fulfil my purpose, I had to attend classes, I expected to find more than 100 students seated but that was not true, my biggest class had a maximum of 25 students which was manageable to the lecturer and enhanced maximum participation from both parties. We were well prepared to tackle any problem related to our areas of study. The lecturers became our second parents and gave us the love we always cherished. They were ready to help in times of need and even when they felt we needed their services. The classes’ settings were also comfortable and provided a conducive environment for study. The International Office on the other hand, kept us updated on any event and activities that was necessary for us. I never missed any important information. The office provided services any time we needed them and in a timely manner. I never experienced delays but all things got accomplished immediately. I learnt a lesson of ever managing my time.

The library had all the books and readily available when you needed them either for borrowing or reading from the library but the lecturers too made work easier by sending all books in our emails and since there was a 24hr Wi-Fi, I could download and study from the comfort of my room.

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Thu, 2017-09-07 08:42

It was an awesome experience indeed