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You are a city, a home and more a friend, a family, and a relation. You are that shade for me on a sunny day or that tree I hold up on in autumn. You are a smile I wear on my mourning day. You are the best dish I would love served.  Hradec Králové to me is a narrative I will tell not to end. How best can I describe a strange home that has fathered me for six months? I suppose I didn’t get it right; you are my favourite poem that I will edit daily to keep the rhyme.

The name sounded sweet as I fumbled to pronounce it, the best part of it is that I spelled in my native way. I was excited about coming to the place, but my fears overwhelmed my excitement. Who wouldn’t be afraid? I was worried about who I will meet, what I will eat, the weather, my teachers, the language as well.....Read More

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Wed, 2021-06-16 (All day)
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Susan Githinji- international@uonbi.ac.ke