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For more information please contact:
The Director, Centre for International Programmes and Links (CIPL),
Main Campus Gandhi Wing 2nd Floor, Room 213(A-E)
University of Nairobi

Telephone: 254-20-2214917/318262 Ext. 28113 or 28135 Cellphone No.254-712-718808
E-mail: international@uonbi.ac.ke
Fax: 254-20-2214917/245566
P.O. Box 30197-00100, GPO.,

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The Centre for International Programmes and Links facilitates admission of various categories of international students. There are five categories of international students admitted in the UoN namely:

Exchange student: A student who enjoys certain rights and privileges because the student's university has entered into an agreement with the University of Nairobi on the nature, terms, objectives, and goals of an exchange programme. A credit transfer option for courses studied is available for such a student. An exchange student does not pay tuition fees

Occasional Student: A student who has been admitted to a university and wishes to spend six to twelve months attending selected courses at the University of Nairobi. Most students applying for the status of occasional student must meet the admission criteria of the University of Nairobi and also pay the requisite occasional student fees. Credit transfers are available for such students.

Regular student: A student who is admitted into a regular degree programme, is fee paying, and studies for a particular degree of the University of Nairobi just like a local student. The student is awarded a degree upon meeting the necessary requirements.

Research Associate: A student who is admitted for a specific period of time up to one year to conduct research. Usually, such a student will have been registered for a higher degree in his/her overseas university. The student is attached to a particular teaching department and has access to university facilities. Students in this category pay tuition fees. 

Postgraduate student: Foreign students intending to enroll for postgraduate studies should contact the relevant department, faculty, institute or the Board of Postgraduate Studies at least six months before the admission deadline.  Details of specific master's and doctorate degree programmes can be obtained from the university website. Students in this category pay fees as stipulated in the guidelines.

An increase in all these categories has been recorded in the year 2012/2013. The University of Nairobi currently has International Students body of 874 registered in FY 2012/2013. This increase is due to the CIPL’s compliance to its number one quality objective; “To promote internationalization and visibility of the University of Nairobi by increasing the number of international students’ intake each academic year” Detailed information on number of international students registered at the university, their gender, degree levels, nationalities and distribution across various colleges can be found in the link of international students.

For more information on requirements for international students click here.