Procurement Department

The current Procurement Department was established in 2003 when it became mandatory that each Public Procuring entity should have a separate procurement unit. Before then some Procurement function used to be discharged by the tender office that was under Personnel while the rest was carried out by Finance Department.

At its inception the department had a skeleton staff. Currently the department has Forty  Nine  (49) members of staff. Procurement Department is one of the fastest growing departments of the University.

The department is headed by the Procurement Manager whose main responsibility is to Coordinate Procurement and disposal activities as well as offer professional advice to the University.

The department faces a number of challenges arising from the implementation of the Public Procurement and Asset  Disposal act (2015) which requires strict adherence to the long bureaucratic procedures. However by and large, the University has met the requirements of the Public Procurement  and Asset Disposal Act, 2015

As we move forward Procurement function will continue to become more important in the management of public affairs More